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Compute Resources

Virtual Machine

FibreCloud service supports virtual machine with varying sizes of vCPU, RAM, storage, optimized for different use cases.

Virtual CPU (vCPU) is the computing power of a Virtual Machine (VM) measured in GHz. Random Access Memory (RAM), measured in GB, supports data caching enabling faster application processing. Carrier grade SAN block storage backed by solid state drive (SSD) is deployed for optimal read and write performance for the VM.

Each VM can customize up to 48vCPU, 128GB RAM and 2TB SAN grade storage.

Resources Upgrade

On-demand computer and network resources, including vCPU, RAM, storage size, storage grade and internet traffic volume can be scaled according to the workload requirement.

Auto Scale Up

Auto scale up is best suited for seasonal or unanticipated workload scenario. The vCPU and RAM utilization threshold and tolerance period can be set up via the FibreCloud customer portal with a few simple steps.

The platform will monitor the vCPU and RAM utilization based on the threshold and the VM will then be automatically scaled up to the pre-defined vCPU and RAM resource level once the utilization threshold is reached.

System & Resilience

Server Operation System (OS) Software

Guest OS are essential server operating system software running on each VM. FibreCloud service supports latest Window or Linux based, and 32bit or 64bit guest OS software.

For guest OS subscribed together with VM, fast provisioning is enabled via pre-built image template. Alternatively, guest OS may be deployed into the VM via a manual VM image import process.

VM Backup & Restore

VM image-based backup provides extra resilience to the VM via creating backup copy at the whole VM (.vmdk) level.

In FibreCloud service, the backup frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) and retention period can be defined at each VM level to cater for different contingency requirements. VM image can be restored instantly anytime anywhere via the self-service restore function in the FibreCloud customer portal.

VM Image Import

In order to facilitate a smooth transition to the cloud service, FibreCloud service supports selected list of hypervisors and guest OS software to be imported to the VM manually in OVA format.

Network & Security

Public IP Service

A dynamic public IPv4 is assigned to a VM during provisioning by default to allow remote management of the VM.

Additional static public IPv4 address can be subscribed for specific server service and Internet networking use.

Dedicated Firewall Service

Network security is of paramount importance in public cloud service. FibreCloud service customers' VM farm internal network are protected by the dedicated virtual firewall.

Once activated, the security policy of the dedicated firewall can be maintained via the FibreCloud customer portal per inbound/outbound traffic direction, per IP/IP range, and per port level, as well as on policy priority.

Load Balancing

Load balancing empowers business and service continuity.

FibreCloud service provides advanced load balancing features with flexible options on load balance algorithms, health check methods, monitoring interval, and load balance servers assignments.

Secure Remote Access

Public cloud has become the fundamental technology enabling mobility workforce round-the-clock. A secured tunnel (SSL VPN) can be set up for remote VM access, management and operations.

Customers' administrator can also control the secure remote access right at user level via the FibreCloud customer portal.


Shared Internet Access

Shared Internet connectivity is provided by default to enable back and forth communication between the VM and the Internet.

Dedicated Internet Access

A value-added networking service, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service, can be subscribed to enable guaranteed Internet bandwidth for inbound and outbound traffic to the application services running on your VM. The DIA service is provisioned via a dedicated port in the FibreCloud service platform.

Cloud Direct

Cloud Direct is a FibreCloud driven broadband installed at the customer premise for direct cloud access to your VM.

Traffic via the Cloud Direct is routed within WTT internal network platform and has superior network performance.

Manage & Operate

Customer Portal

FibreCloud customer portal is a comprehensive and intuitive web based portal enabling customers' administrators and users to manage VM and networking resources, access and operate the VM, restore VM from backups and perform daily user account management.

Remote VM Operation & Console Access

Several convenient options for VM operation and management are supported by FibreCloud service. Each VM can be remotely accessed via RDP or SSH, while console access is provided for advanced level VM operation and trouble shooting.