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What is FibreCloud service?

FibreCloud service is a world-class cloud service option from WTT for the effective implementation of cloud computing strategy. Designed to provide carrier-grade cloud services, FibreCloud service enables you to deal with your business needs with a holistic approach. Whether you need an autonomous agile development environment or a comprehensive managed cloud solution, our FibreCloud service will be able to satisfy you with an unparalleled service level.

Why FibreCloud service?

Simple to Manage

FibreCloud service comes with a user-friendly management portal for administrating cloud resources to enhance productivity of IT administrator. Pre-built off-the-shelf service templates and value-added services make implementation process simple and shorten the project lead time.

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Secure Environment

FibreCloud platform is strategically built on dedicated ISO-certified data centres to ensure the critical cloud infrastructure and your valuable data are well managed. Moreover, FibreCloud service is safeguarded against any potential risks with multidimensional security measures on both cloud platform and network.

  • Segregation
    Different clients’ virtual machines (VMs) are segregated from each other by vLAN to restrict the access of other hosts so as to eliminate security concerns.
  • Multi Tier Firewall
    Clients’ VMs are protected by a dedicated firewall on top of the infrastructure level firewall.
  • Secure Remote Access
    Clients can assign authorized users to access their VMs’ in FibreCloud service with dedicated SSL VPN account to protect communication.
  • Cloud Protect
    With the increasing complexity of threats of Internet, cyber-attack may not be in the form of direct attack from outside. With unified threat management enabled Cloud Protect service, user-end network can be shielded by multi-layer protection including signature-based IPS, anti-botnet, web filtering and firewall services.

Integrated Network

Reliable connectivity service is the prerequisite for quality cloud computing service. FibreCloud service is laced to our extensive fibre optic network to provide end-to-end cloud connectivity solutions that ensures a high level of security and usability. 

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Superb Infrastructure

The core cloud engine of FibreCloud service is powered by a high performance backend infrastructure that is jointly built by global leading technology vendors -- EMC, Cisco and VMware. With proven technologies in place, you can rely on our cloud platform to deploy your mission-critical tasks.

FibreCloud Data-centre Certifications

ISO 20000
IT Services Management
ISO 27001
Information Security Management
ISO 14001
Environmental Management

*The above certifications were attained through WTT or its wholly owned IT services subsidiary COL Limited.

Sustainable Development

To adopt cloud computing hassle-free, you need more than just a self-administrative cloud service. You need a total solution to support your business development. Our well-trained and certified experts can offer a wide range of services to back you up on your cloud journey.

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