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Advanced Services

Advisory Services

With proven experiences in cloud planning and deployment, our advisory services target to improve the performance of your cloud application and help your business innovate and drive value from cloud computing.

Migration Services

Our cloud infrastructure migration services smooth out your journey to the cloud. Whether it is physical to virtual, virtual to virtual, full blown, data level or firewall level migration, a total and smooth migration solution is available to suit your business needs.

Operational Services

Our trusted service team provides round-the-clock value added operational and maintenance services to ensure timely management on the VM and on operation system running on the VM.

Choose Your Own Plan

You can create and configure your VMs starting from the following basic configuration.

Looking for an advisor to tailor make your cloud?

Drop your requirements to our cloud experts. We will reply upon receiving your enquiries.

"How many vCPU is required for an internal application targeting 100 users?"

"Is 1GB RAM good enough for my mobile app game?"

"How to manage 50GB or more storage?"

"How many Public IPs can be mapped?"